Resource Articles
    by Friends and Members of the PPRG


    A Primer for Post-Polio by Judith K. Pipher (1997)
    "10 Commandments" of PPS by Dr. Richard Bruno (1999)

    Breathing Issues

    Post-Polio Breathing Problems by Gail Generau (July 2000)

    Faith and PPS

    Strengthening Our Spirituality by Fr. Robert Ronald, SJ


    Footwear for People with Post-Polio Syndrome by Dennis Janisse (June 1999)

    Fit to Be Tied by Judith K. Pipher (1998) 

    "Falling" Experience
    by Sister Susan Staff (1997)

    General Interest

    Steps Taken to Ensure New Security Requirements Preserve and Respect the Civil Rights of People with Disabilities
    by Marcie Roth of National Council on Independent Living (November 2001)

    Famous People Who Had Polio by Jann Hartman & Michael Odle (January 2001)


    Stem Cell Research by Michael Odle (links to PPS and stem cell sites)

    Social Security Help

    T'N'T Tips and Techniques for Treating PPS: Applying for Social Security Disability
    by Dr. Richard Bruno (February 2002)


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