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    Contact Information

    We would love to hear from you.

    Contact us by e-mail, voicemail, or traditional postal mail service.

    E-mail addresses
    In your email "To" line, type the name shown below and add "@pprg.org" to address a message to the appropriate person.


    TO: @pprg.org GENERAL SUBJECT
    Together " General PPS/polio questions and comments
    President " Contact PPRG's president directly
    Membership " Join PPRG or for general membership information
    Newsletter " Contact the editor of Spirit, our newsletter

    PPRG Voice Mail

    Call (414) 297-9093 for post-polio information or information about the group. Leave your name, number, and a message. 

    PPRG Postal Address

    Post-Polio Resource Group of Southeastern Wisconsin
    P.O. Box 13841
    Milwaukee, WI 53213-0841