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We would love to hear from you. You can reach us by using our super-easy Feedback Form.

If you prefer, contact us by e-mail, by joining the discussion on the PPRG eList, by voicemail, or traditional postal mail service. For live conversations, try our daily chat room.

E-mail addresses

In order to make it more difficult for spammers to gather our email addresses, we cannot list them here in "clickable" form. In your email "To" line, type the name shown on the left below and add "@pprg.org" to address a message to the appropriate people.


Together " General PPS/polio questions and comments
President " Contact PPRG's president directly
Membership " Join PPRG or for general membership information
Newsletter " Contact the editor of Spirit, our newsletter
" For notice about when the chat room is open


PPRG eList

Click on the links in the box below to sign up for our e-mail discussion group. Any messages you send to this list will be sent to all of those who sign up for it. Only those who sign up can send or receive messages.

This list is designed to be supportive, positive, open, and respectful. It is essentially unmoderated (though abusive or foul language and personal attacks will not be allowed), and open to all questions and concerns related to polio and Post-Polio Syndrome.

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PPRG voice mail

Call (414) 297-9093 for post-polio information, news about the group, upcoming meetings, etc. Leave your name, number, and a message. Let us know what you think.

PPRG Postal address

Post-Polio Resource Group of Southeastern Wisconsin
P.O. Box 13841
Milwaukee, WI 53213-0841